Sovereign Citizen & the Non-Prophets

Saturday, 6pm, Clocktower Stage

The costumes we wear are part of our stage performance- The message delivered by our music and the lyrics tell a tale of a post apocalyptic world and the rebuilding of social constructs and economic system under a new paradigm. Free Market at its core, Liberty and true freedom is the message we deliver though our performance.

Steampunk came to prominence in the late-1980s as a genre of science fiction incorporating elements of fantasy and alternate history. The unifying theme is a re-envisioning of the industrial revolution and transformation of the 19th Century Europe and America. Steampunk fiction and aesthetics include innovations Victorians might have envisioned based on their perspective in fashion, culture, architecture, art and weird science.

While our costumes may look Steampunk, we have created a bastardized version of the fashion trend with elements of a post modern society and characters steeped in allegory. Each one tells a story of survival and resurrection. If you get the chance, please visit our website and take a moment to listen and read the stories and lyrics to our music. We are collectively moving forward to change perspectives, shed light on new possibilities and bring more individuals into the fold, and we take action in the best way we know how. Our action is through entertainment.