Steve Simmons & Steve Sackett

Sunday, 2pm, Bridge Stage

Steve Simmons started playing guitar in the 6th grade and perfected his craft performing for children during the 80’s and 90’s where he introduced them to as many music genre’s as he could. This created a wide repertoire of music from various countries and time periods, also giving him the title of “Music Historian”. Steve also produced and hosted “On the Front Porch” with Steve Simmons, a musical television show, and still occasionally plays with the Front Porch trio.

Steve Sackett is a veteran of the Spokane music scene, having performed with a variety of rock bands: Calico, Redwood, Hussy, Oasis, Yellow Dog and many others. He and wife Kathy co-led their own band: Canned Music for over 10 years with the help of fellow musicians, Brad Keeler and Linda Parman.