The Nudge

Wednesday, 6pm, Clocktower Stage

“The Nudge” is the satellite three piece “engine room” from the popular Northwest Show Band “Smash Hit Carnival”.
Kevin Dodson (Drums. Vocals, Sequencing)
Steve Springer (Bass, Vocals)
Jerry Kreider (Guitar, Vocals)

The three members of The Nudge take a different tact with this group then with their flagship band SHC, concentrating more on the music and arrangements rather than the visuals and show. But do not worry… NO shoe gazers here! You won’t be missing anything as far as visuals because these guys put on a very engaging, high energy show!

Multiple styles and genera’s, top notch musicianship and professional production highlight every show.

You are guaranteed to hear extremely diverse material…songs you aren’t likely to hear from most other bands of their ilk all mixed with highly familiar songs…songs you can DANCE to!

All three members are highly regarded studio musicians and have played with the many of this area’s favorite bands!

So come on out and catch a show… You may find yourself nudging the person next to you and saying “Glad we came! These guys are awesome!”