Tommy Gantt

Saturday, 1:30pm, Promenade Stage

Tommy Gantt, or “Tommy G”, as he is affectionately known around Spokane, Washington, has been writing songs, playing guitar and performing on stage since age eleven, beginning in 1977.

His sonic influences are widely varied, ranging from the soothing acoustic sounds of the likes of James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Paul Simon, to the soulful and jazzy/bluesy stylings of artists such as Billy Joel, All Jarreau, and Bill Withers, to the southern fried rock-n-roll delivered by bands such as 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. These influences, as well as many others, shape the sounds Tommy creates in his music today.

While Tommy’s musical genre is officially classified as “Americana”, his original songs combine elements of folk, pop, blues, jazz, and rock in unique, yet somehow familiar combinations; always featuring evocative and thoughtful content about current events or other hot button topics. Whatever is moving Tommy emotionally drives his musical and lyrical content. His intimate and enthusiastic performances are both highly entertaining and engaging, leaving many to comment on how his voice actually sounds as though he’s smiling when he sings.