Tyler Lang - The Songsmith Series

Friday, 6:15pm, Ice Ribbon Stage

I started playing and writing music at 9 years old but it wasn’t till 13 that I really fell in love with it. I started preforming and playing in bands and really found my passion. My true home is on stage under the lights with a guitar in my hand and a song being sung as loud as my lungs can sing it.

Nightlife Network Northwest is a subsidiary of InfiNet Media Group and has assisted thousands of artists in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and many other regional markets. Through promotion, advertising campaigns, development, consulting, and through its many live events, Nightlife Network Northwest has made an impact on the region’s artists, businesses and nightlife.

Nightlife Network creates daily Internet video content, markets dozens of regional businesses, and highlights the many talented people of the communities they serve. Through their program The Songsmith Series, Nightlife Network assists artists in entrepreneurship and developing their brand through daily acoustic events. The Series is designed to highlight the Inland Empire’s best music venues and showcase the region’s top artists in an acoustic setting by combining daily live music, the live venue experience and internet streaming.