Valerie Jeanne and guitarist Mellad Abeid

Thursday, 6:30pm, Ice Ribbon Stage

Valerie started her singing career at the tender age of three and has simply been astounding listeners with her soulful, powerful voice ever since. She has exhibited her musical gifts in live radio shows, recording projects, radio and television commercials. Valerie is an award winning singer who had the opportunity to compete in the San Francisco rounds of the X-Factor, Nashville's Charlie Daniels Talent Round Up, and took first place in the Spokane Frog FM Country Music Vocalist contest. As a well round artist, she can belt out Rock, Soul, and Pop as well. Valerie also performs in musical theatre. She had a once is a lifetime experience to work with Oscar and Academy award winner, Patty Duke in the musical, Traditions of Christmas. Valerie has performed in show bands and production shows in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle and the Northwest area. She was a headliner, performing a tribute to the vocal giant Celine Dion in a Vegas style production called Showstoppers Live, and performed a tribute to Carrie Underwood in Las Vegas.