Zaq Flanary

Thursday, 5pm, Promenade Stage

Zaq Flanary, the primary songwriter and vocalist of Sovereign Citizen & the Non-Prophets, has had his music featured on national television (PBS) and has collaborated with three Grammy award winners and songwriters in USA, Japan, Greece, Denmark, and England. He has performed at venues from the Whiskey in L.A. to Chillkoot Charlie's in Alaska and arenas and festivals all over North America. Zaq has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. With the release of their new album Post Apocalyptic Love Songs, the band is poised to share their unique "Cowboy Grunge" sound with new audiences. Zaq is also a seasoned comedy writer and works as a producer and script writer for comedian Dan Cummins, he’s also the mind behind of "Dave & Angus", a magazine publisher, and a radio host, as well as an entrepreneur.